Book 1 : The Dim Realm, Volume I



Strangers have come to town; strangers the likes of which Kara and Corin have never seen – dwarves, orcs and more. A small group of townsfolk and these outsiders must come together to combat the darkness plaguing Arrow’s Flight, but the danger is more horrible than they first realized, and bears directly upon mysteries centuries old. As Kara sets out on a quest to quell this ancient evil, she must rely on Corin and a particularly gifted stranger named Tal Stormgren to help her follow the maze of clues that she hopes will lead to an escape – before it is too late.

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Book One is a moody, slow burn that builds the story from the ground up, mixing dark fantasy and horror as the layers are peeled away. The small town of Arrow’s Flight is rotting from the inside, where a cult known as the Harbingers seek to return their dark god and his minions to a broken world, and as heroes and simple folk alike are drawn together, they find that they are caught in a web of mystery and prophecy. They cannot leave the town, and a predator begins to hunt them down. Can they escape before it finds them?

 Each novel in the The Resurrection Tower fantasy series brings a different mix of epic fantasy quests and horror elements, populated with urban fantasy characters. All the books can be read as stand alone stories that fit into a larger tale, featuring characters new and old, or you can dive in right at the start!

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What readers are saying:

“If you’re a fan of horror, or fantasy, you should be reading Matt Holgate’s epic fantasy horror novels.”
“…left me astounded with a sweeping tale so graphic in intensity and prose that I was literally mesmerized.”
“…rich… with chilling scenes that really stayed with me after I put the book down.”
“…highly descriptive and packed with action.”
“…refreshing to find a female character that is neither a whiny girly-girl nor a butch feminist…”
“There are many incredibly tense moments and some very scary…”
“…builds up fantastically to a cliffhanger that makes you want to find out what happens next.”
“A chilling, well-written tale…”
“Kara, though only seventeen, is wise beyond her years, strong, and a complete smart ass — in short, she’s my kind of girl.”
“There is plenty here for horror and fantasy fans to enjoy.”
“…loveable (for the most part), well-written and unforgettable characters.”
“Deep character development and a journey like none other make this a very unique experience.”
“…the chilling and brilliantly written story Mr. Holgate has created.”
“I’m not normally a fan of the horror genre, but this book is so much more than that.”
“…quips that had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.”
“…a nice combo of LOTR and GOT with some awesome thrills and a side of chills!”
“…it’s one of the most well-written, gripping indie books I’ve read.”
“The plot is unique and obviously well thought out with dialogue that is spot-on…”
“…an epic, edge of your seat, horror / fantasy with a solid, brilliantly constructed plot…”
“…all in all it’s a good dark fantasy read…”
“…there are several very likeable, very well-written characters in The Dim Realm…”
“Great characters, descriptions and emotions vividly written throughout the story.”
“Matt Holgate shapes a world, and the characters which people it, that is both imposing and totally viable.”
“It’s a terrifically-structured criss-crossing plot that kept me hooked throughout. “
“It will definitely linger in the readers mind long after they read the last sentence and put the book down!”
“Check this book out, and also the series it is part of. Not to be missed.”